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Customer communication is way complex! we work to make it much easier .

Mista is an enterprise-grade communications platform that is scaling worldwide. Our reputation is built on technical expertise, industry experience, quality support and service reliability.  


we are  an  ever-growing  company  that  specialized  in  providing  a leading  edge  of  products  and  services  in  the  SMS  messaging  industry.  As  a  growing company, we look in the future to include a suite of world-class products and services to our valued customers.


We provide carrier-grade mobile messaging solutions, with the option of advance application integration to ensure a rapid, cost-effective time-to-market. Catering for all volumes of use, STM Technologies offers real-time, secure, unlimited deployment of SMS delivery, utilising innovative technology in both the outbound and inbound application.


We work hard, most importantly we work smart. the team always has “Land to the moon mission” and we work to accomplish that.

In much fun like Concrete Worker: playing, Joking, sharing crazy ideas , when is time to focus headphones and coffee  and snacks are our best friends.

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